10 Steps You Can Take To Stop Gambling Today

Carry only a very small budget for food each day and thats it.( absolutely no more than $5). Its best to find someone who’s been in your shoes, but hasn’t gambled in quite some time.

Make sure you like them, they have your best interest in mind, & truly do help you. Combat this with the previous 9 steps & a one on one coach, sponsor, or therapist. Call them ANYTIME you need to. This includes credit cards, debit cards, access to bank accounts, checks, loans, etc. Know that if they can do it, you can too. The only time casinos won’t let you gamble, is when you don’t have what they want……money.

There is but one good throw upon the dice, which is, to throw them away. If you want to stop starting right now, block all access to money. Gamblers Anonymous is one. Carrying recovery reading & phone numbers help. If you gamble online, get gamblock today.

When you absolutely must stop gambling right now, here are 10 steps you can take today.

These 10 steps are an excellent start to stopping gambling today.

If you have any unanswered questions or need to be pointed in the right direction email jason@livegamblefree.com


Make a list of the people you love & love you back. Connect your gambling with the the negative consequences its brought into your life.

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What does this mean exactly? It means you must submit,commit, & trust in the program of recovery you choose. If needed, list them out. In the beginning the constant thoughts and urges to gamble can be intense. You make lifelong friends who will always understand and care.

This step can be done by attending Gamblers Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, & finding online support and help. There are therapists, counselors, & life coaches out there trained to help you stop. You trust that the program will solve your gambling problem, as long as you never give up on it.


Get or print off pro gambling recovery literature & carry it with you at all times.

Read it daily, especially in first months. A gambling problem is very strong, plays many tricks on on our minds, & tries to convince us of many lies. Know what to do & who to call if a thought or urges to gamble hits you….(and unfortunately they will).


Recovering in numbers is key. You help yourself and others triumph over a common enemy.


When your next urge comes, what will you do? You’ll need to know the answer to this. -Author Unknown.. It may sound funny, but joining a group of fellow recovering gamblers gives you strength & power over your gambling. He is an author, life coach, sponsor, & former GA chapter president, husband, & stepfather.


Stopping Gambling isn’t easy. Inpatient Treatment is another. Don’t know where to turn to for help? Email jason@livegamblefree.com

Jason is a recovered compulsive gambler of over 5 years and a certified professional life coach. He’s overcome his own addiction to gambling & has helped many others do the same. In the moment, you’ll want a plan of action to take when the urge to gamble attempts to overwhelm you.


If you go to a local casino, take a caring friend and ban yourself for life.

If you play online, contact the online casino and have your account closed permanently, & demand to be banned from their site. Have phone numbers listed for people to call who support you in your recovery. (because it is the truth).

To learn the secrets to stopping gambling now, & to get 1 on 1 coaching from Jason visit http://www.livegamblefree.com or email Jason at jason@livegamblefree.com


If you want to stop gambling right now, the first step begins by stopping to carry money. (Email the author at jason@livegamblefree.com for online communities you can join today).


To overcome something as powerful as a gambling problem or addiction, we must get help from others.

Help is out there in many forms. Know that there are 1000′s of recovering gamblers. Good help seems to come from ex-gamblers themselves because they’ve been there, & they understand.


Only those who never give up on themselves & their program of recovery beat gambling. Put up pictures of them & when you see it, remember that’s who you’re stopping for.

Recognize that if you gamble, you’re letting them down.

Remind yourself of all the bad things that have been caused by your obsession to gamble. There are 1000′s of people who once were severely addicted to gambling, haven’t gambled for months and even years

Best Basketball Movies of All Time

He finds Saleh in Africa, a huge basketball prodigy. The team is mocked and ridiculed, but against all odds the team reach the National Championship game.

Love & Basketball (2000): It is about a unique romance between two star high school players.

White Men Can’t Jump (1992): This Hollywood movie stars Wesley Snipes (Sidney) and Woody Harrelson (Billy). Selected below are two list – the first has 10 best movies of all time and the second has other honorable basketball flicks.

Top 10 Basketball Movies of All Time

Heaven is a Playground (1991): This movie explores the situation of inner city basketball. In this movie Haskins is looking for best talented players and finds 7 blacks and 5 white players. The new players are secretly being paid, which is a forbidden practice.

One On One (1977): In this movie small town high school star Henry Steele is trying to make it big in college, despite corruption and a tough coach. Fast Break (1979)

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)

That Championship Season (1982)

Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987)

Pistol: The Birth Of A Legend (1991)

Above the Rim (1994)

Hoop Dreams (1994)

The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Rebound: The Legend of Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault (1996)

Space Jam (1996)

Passing Glory (1999)

Finding Forrester (2000)

Red Sneakers, The (2002)

Crossing the Line (2002)

Coach Carter (2005)

Home of the Giants (2007)

Semi-Pro (2008)

These were the greatest basketball movies and other honorable mentions. However, Jesus’s dream to make it big is overshadowed by his father, who is in prison for killing Jesus’s mother.

There are quite many basketball movies out there, so it’s little difficult to figure out which are the best ones. Bill and Syndey are the best basketball hustlers in the town, and when they come together nothing can stop them, except for each other.

The Harlem Globetrotters (1951): This is a classic movie which is about the world famous ‘Harlem Globetrotters’. So, watch the unseen movies and enjoy the story and great basketball scenes!

Blue Chips (1994): In this movie Pete Bell who is a college basketball coach is under a lot of pressure, as his team isn’t winning and he can’t attract new players. In the movie young Bill Townsend drops out of college to join the famous independent Trotter team, he becomes the team star and gets married regardless of team regulations and is injured. The movie revolves around Truth Harrison, who is on the verge of signing his first pro contract, becomes addicted to cocaine.

Hoosiers (1986): The movie stars Gene Hackman as coach Norman Dale. However, when his old team needs him, he forgoes the money and rejoins Globetrotters.

Other Honorable Mentions . Due to this, the team loses an important game and Bill is fired, he signs up for a big money contract with another team. This inspirational movie is based on the real life of coach Marvin Wood who guided the 1954 Milan High School basketball team to a miraculous victory.

Glory Road (2006): This is a very entertaining movie with great acting and fun basketball scenes. The movie shows how a clean cut athlete can rise above such conditions and still succeed.

The Air Up There (1994): This is a very unique basketball movie, which is about a college basketball coach who needs to make a dramatic find, so that he can get a big promotion. However, Saleh is the chief’s son and has responsibilities at home.

He Got Game (1998): This awesome movie is about Jesus Shuttlesworth, who is the most sought-after high school basketball prospect in the country

The Negative Influences of Media on Society You Never Thought About

You want to wear the LBD just because you are a fan of Coco Chanel. The media is constantly bombarding us with information. The media does play a role in portraying thin as beautiful and fat as ugly. There’s no one advertising the benefits of eating fresh fruit everyday, no one’s promoting drinking 8 glasses of water daily. No one’s propagating the importance of exercising to keep fit. You ask me why? Well, because there are these junk food advertisements everywhere. The craze for models or actors and actresses, makes teenagers want bodies and facial features like theirs. To get rid of a big nose or to get those big pouty lips, teenagers are ready to go under the knife.

Media is held responsible for the change in eating habits of teenagers and the unhealthy lifestyle they are adopting. Parents and teachers have a big role to play in selecting what the young should see and what they should not.

While a certain amount of exposure to media is essential for introducing ourselves to the world outside, excessive exposure, uncontrolled access and belief without thought won’t lead us anywhere. Watching TV or browsing the web late night is spoiling the sleeping habits of many.

Changed Outlook



Unhealthy Lifestyle. Haven’t you had experiences of a bad dream after watching a violent movie? Or of imagining something scary happening to you after watching a horror film? Or a sudden fear gripping your mind after reading about a murder in your city? The reality should be depicted but not so gaudily that it’ll have a lasting impact on people’s minds.

Blind Imitation

The Solution

The solution to avoiding the negative influence of media lies in limiting media exposure and choosing what to watch. Due to the oh-so-alluring media, most of their time is spent glued to the television, reading celebrity gossip, listening to something sensational or wandering aimlessly on the Internet. Aren’t there ghost and vampire stories that media claims as real? These characters enter our world through books and movies. With a ‘world’ of information and entertainment waiting on the other side of a computer or TV screen, it’s not unnatural for anyone to spend hours exploring it; it’s addictive. It is bombarding you with content, news, information, gossip, rumors – it is exposing you to everything it has, some things necessary, some not; some things important, some not, some things you want to ignore, some things you cannot. The benefits of following a balanced diet are not being hyped anywhere. This makes the overweight feel out of place. Children should invest more time reading good books, studying, playing outdoors and exercising. But isn’t it too much to blindly believe that they exist? Fiction is amusing only till the distinction between fact and fiction is clear. This is leading teenagers to adopt unhealthy eating habits. Refrain from watching such programs or news. Thus, all the time, you are glued to some form of media. We don’t judge, we get influenced. When this thought grips the minds of youngsters, they take to fad diets or turn to cosmetic surgeries to get that so-called perfect body. In a survey done on fifth graders by the National Institute on Media and the Family, it was found that kids had become dissatisfied with their bodies after watching a video of a certain very popular artiste and a certain scene from a popular TV show (names omitted on purpose).

Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts – where did they come from? Fairies, superheroes, angels – where did they come from? It’s not only media to be blamed, as these characters belong to folklore. Media is exposing the masses to fast food products, canned food, fad diets, and energy drinks. Lack of physical activity leads to obesity problems. The masses fall for this being-in-the-news and end up imitating celebrities without much thought. It influences their behavior both positively and negatively. And not just children, the unpleasant can impact even an adult’s mind. The ‘awakening’ does not reach everyone or it reaches the masses in the wrong way. Sometimes, little things are blown out of proportion thus changing the way they are perceived by the audience. If children are bombarded with fight sequences, stunt work, sex and rape scenes, suicides and murders through books or movies, they are bound to leave a scar on these impressionable minds. What is shown with an intent to ‘spread a message’ ends up becoming a bombardment of the bad, the ugly. As a responsible adult (parent or teacher), exercise control on the media exposure that kids and teenagers get. It’s not just media to be blamed in this case. It has led to a general opinion that size-zero is the in thing and fat and chubby are out. They will only make the negative influence of media more obvious.

The media is so overwhelming that the masses end up believing everything it says/shows. This can, and has led to increasing cases of anorexia. Media influences public opinion and impacts the choices that people make. You want to sport your favorite actors’ hairstyles and you want to walk like those ramp models do. Adults may have the maturity to distinguish between the good and the bad, but bombarding only the bad can affect anyone at least at the subconscious level. The reel entertains only till its difference from the real is understood. And there are so many things you see around you, without choosing to watch them. But the negative effects are not conducive to a healthy society. Media claims to depict the ‘today’, but not all types of media show only the truth. Depiction of the bad has a negative impact on kids not mature enough to interpret what they are being shown. An early exposure to bold or violent films, books publishing adult content and news portraying ugly social practices has a deep impact on young minds. With the intent of stressing their point or for grabbing greater attention from the masses, media hypes or exaggerates things to a certain degree. So there is a section positively influenced by the media while there are others who take the wrong message from it. But unfortunately sometimes, the message is misconstrued. Any publicity is good publicity, you begin to feel.

When you try to imitate your role models from the glamor industry, do you give a thought to whether you are doing right or wrong? It is often seen that young girls and boys imitate celebrities blindly. Media Addiction

The negative effects of media on children are manifested in terms of their changing mental setup and the declining quality of their lifestyle. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively.

Media has negative effects on the physical and psychological well-being of society. Those at a vulnerable age, especially children and teenagers, are highly influenced by anything that is put before them in a jazzy way. This affects kids and teenagers the most, as they are exposed to things they might interpret wrongly or may not even understand at that age.

You want to imitate an action sequence just because your favorite action hero looked ‘cool’ doing it. Not everyone is able to filter that element. When the two worlds mix, life becomes difficult.

Right-or-Wrong Dilemma

The media has, in its own way, changed people’s outlook towards life. Advertisements carry subliminal messages influencing buyers’ psychology, or carry direct messages that bear a negative influence. The only way to shield yourself from them, is to not allow them to influence you. Don’t take media portrayals by their word. News sources often bombard you with the same negative stories over and over again, in order to increase the impact. They are ready to starve themselves to lose weight. Media highlights controversies and scandals in the lives of celebrities. Sometimes, small incidents or events in the lives of celebrities and politicians are hyped, in order to make them more sensational. Most believe everything to be real, especially kids and teenagers.

Information Overload

To some extent, media is responsible for generating negative feelings among those exposed to it. You want to wear the shade of nail polish Lady Gaga wears for that frantic gaga look. At that age, they are attracted to anything that’s flashy and anything that can make news.

Wrong Message

Fact-Fantasy Confusion

The negatives in society are highlighted with the purpose of awakening people about them. People spending hours in front of a television or surfing the Internet experience eye problems. Media influences them negatively. How far do we go to check its authenticity? How deep do we dig to get to the root of something that’s making news? How critically do we judge the reality of reality shows and the truth behind true stories? We don’t think, we believe. There is no denying their amusement value or entertainment quotient. The positive effects are surely celebrated by one and all. But media did play a role in propagating these characters and making them seem real. Don’t believe in them without thinking. The bad is overinflated and the good goes unnoticed.

Media portrayals give rise to stereotypes, affecting your mindset. Put things in perspective, and don’t let the media influence you to do the wrong things.

Health Problems

The media in itself is so addictive that once glued to it, you tend to forget everything else. Just like them, even you want to be in the news. You want to do everything that people from the glamor world do, you want to be like your favorite celebrity. And that’s how impactive media is.

Your role models are people that the media exposes you to. Media is the interface through which millions look at the world outside. This leads to a notion that thin is sexy and fat is not. But there are advertisements of expensive exercise equipment, and weight and fat loss programs. Instead, watch good programs that carry healthy content, engage in positive activities, and encourage others to do the same. Media sources are so many in number and all of them so convincingly make their point, that it is hard to distinguish between right and wrong. For example, the negative effects of addiction are portrayed through advertisements. You want to be someone, but not yourself! And now you say media does not influence you! Oh come on, it surely does! Mass media does affect the way in which masses think and act. An inferiority complex and lowered confidence in people with not-so-perfect bodies can lead to eating disorders. Media is everywhere, affecting every aspect of life.

Women with petite bodies and girls with a barbie figure are always shown to be more popular or attractive while the overweight are portrayed as less popular, having less friends and being bullied. It’s not possible to insulate yourself completely from the effects of media, even if you limit the exposure. Newspapers, television and the Internet are used to convey social messages. When you are not watching TV, you are surfing the Internet, when you are not on the web, you are reading newspapers, when you are not reading anything, you are listening to something. Use your judgment before following or falling for anything. The impact of media is such that the wrong, the controversial, and the bad is more talked about

How To Stop Gambling Addiction

At present, the new forms of gambling, such as internet betting, have a certain “trans-socio-economic appeal”, and the same might be said of slot-machines where they are situated within casino complexes. Most problem gamblers will seek help through counseling and this lens aims to explain how to resolve gambling issues. They would want to talk about their debt problems with their counsellor in relation to their other anxieties.

GET RID of Your Gambling Addiction Now and Move Towards A Better Lifestyle!. Do not hesitate further. Online gambling addiction often leads to problems of debt and these people with debt problems are often referred to specialist debt counsellor. Many people seem to take gambling as a normalized way of being.

The type of gambling we are referring to are slot-machines, internet betting, casinos, betting shops and dog racing. The greater the availability, the greater the risk of people becoming addicted to the degree that it has problematic effects on them, and on those closest to them. All which possess the element of risks. Online gambling addiction is similar to any other addictive behavior.

Some people may be drawn to certain forms of gambling or betting due to their socio-economic situation and that may simply be because of the influence of friends, family and availability. No doubt, this is one of the main causes in the rise of online gambling addiction. Unless there is a strong religious belief that creates a barrier to establish a gambling or betting habit, people are often affected irrespective of race, social class or economic situation.

“How to stop gambling addiction?” It is important to understand the root causes and symptoms of the addiction in order to deal with it effectively

2015 NCAA tourney betting guide

John’s Red Storm

Andrew Lange: Bettors are faced with handicapping a dreaded “non-boarded” team here, as New Mexico State won the oddball WAC. The Red Storm will really miss suspended 6-10 shot-blocker Chris Obekpa. The Wolfpack are a tough matchup for a lot of teams with their three-guard attack of 6-3 junior Trevor Lacey (15.8 PPG, 4.4 RPG), 6-5 senior Ralston Turner (13.2 PPG) and sophomore Anthony Barber (12 PPG). Austin Lumberjacks

ATS pick: TBD

No. To eliminate these teams, we focused solely on teams that won their previous game. 11 UCLA Bruins

No. Arizona

Harvard plus-8.5 vs. While managing egos seems to be the largest challenge for NBA coaches, imparting fundamentals and turning five talented individuals into one cohesive unit are just two of the struggles facing college coaches.

No. Furthermore, they’re playing their best basketball of the season right now, winning the Atlantic 10 title, and they will be taking on a turnover-prone Buckeyes team.

ATS pick: Stephen F. The Utes are underseeded by most respected metrics, and the committee didn’t do them any favors matching them up against a tough Stephen F. The issue is that Northeastern hasn’t faced an offense even remotely close to that of the Irish. The WAC was one of the slowest conferences in the country, with the “fastest” team averaging 61.6 possessions per game in league play. No. 4 seed, though it’s a moot point since they’re on a collision course with Louisville regardless).

ATS pick: TBD

Westgate line: Villanova -23

PickCenter consensus pick: 53 percent picked Lafayette

No. Coach Mike Brey is 11-3 hitting the under in NCAA tournament games at Notre Dame.

Tuley: Georgia State is an interesting underdog as it plays well on the defensive end, holding 11 opponents under 30 percent shooting this season. SMU

Davidson plus-2 vs. 12 seed). And Mick Cronin’s absence won’t be as magnified with Purdue playing a nearly identical brand of basketball. 5 West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Bison

Lange: How is either team going to score? Both squads are tremendous at packing the paint, contesting shots and rebounding. NC State is also 31st in the nation in rebounds. 7 seed and Ohio State at No. 14 UAB Blazers

Westgate line: Arkansas -6.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 58 percent picked Wofford

Westgate line: Kentucky -TBD

PickCenter consensus pick: TBD

Texas Southern plus-21.5 vs. Now, it’s a sliding scale. minus-6 vs. Gonzaga

8. SDSU’s inside game and stubborn defense (the Aztecs allow just 53.1 points per game, ranked second in the nation) should get the job done.

No. 13 Valparaiso Crusaders

ATS pick: Wisconsin -18*

Lange: From a betting perspective, the Terrapins went from underrated heading into Big Ten play (4-2 ATS start) to overrated after sweeping Michigan State (which went on a 1-8 ATS slide), and then back to underrated following six straight covers heading into the Big Dance. 7 Wichita State Shockers vs. 8 San Diego St. 5 Northern Iowa Panthers vs. Buffalo

Wisconsin minus-18 vs. Since Butler left in 2011, the last three Big Dance participants from the Horizon lost by margins of 15, 11 and 20 in the first round.

With so few past system picks on the third tier of this system, it’s no surprise that there are no current game matches for the opening-round games. The Ducks allowed 54.5 percent shooting the last game, an 80-52 loss to Arizona, and are 2-6 ATS following a loss of more than 20 points.

No. They have great balance, with a strong frontcourt, while 6-4 junior Buddy Hield (17.5 PPG, 5 RPG) and 6-4 junior Isaiah Cousins (12.2 PPG, 5 RPG) run the backcourt and lead the team in scoring. And while the level of competition in the Colonial (the 19th-rated conference, according to Sagarin) wasn’t all that stiff, Notre Dame isn’t known for its defensive prowess (1.07 points per possession allowed vs. The reason for this is if your team gets to the Final Four and you want to hedge, you’re gonna be paying a huge price to hedge with Kentucky on the money line.

No. Notre Dame can score, but both teams play solid defense, allowing points in the 60s. Against the spread, I’ll stick with a recommendation on the Lumberjacks plus the points, but I’m not sure I’ll play it myself, so I can’t make it a best bet.

Westgate line: Oregon -1

PickCenter consensus pick: 60 percent picked Oregon

Tuley: This line climbed from UNC minus-9 to minus-10, and I liked it more and more — until it got bet back to 8.5. 3 Baylor Bears vs. Northeastern

Wichita St. No. Seven-footer  Frank Kaminsky, 6-7 Nigel Hayes and 6-8  Sam Dekker are a handful for any frontcourt and will overmatch Coastal Carolina, whose top rebounder is 6-7 Badou Diagne. Aztecs vs. And I like the public dog, too. But for the Aggies, it’s really all we have to go off considering they haven’t played anyone even remotely capable since beating UC Irvine at home in early January.

Andrew Lange:

ATS pick: Louisville -9

No. 11 Boise St./Dayton winner

ATS pick: NC State -1*

NCAA tournament teams, 2014-15 records

No. 2 seed Duke last year). 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. 11 Texas Longhorns

ATS pick: Davidson +2*

Westgate line: Utah -6

PickCenter consensus pick: 59 percent picked Stephen F. 1 Villanova Wildcats vs. That worked out well for me, but this year I’m hoping to be able to back Iowa State on a deeper run with Georges Niang & Co. The Wolfpack match up well with an LSU squad that is on a 6-4 SU run, bowing out fast in the SEC tourney (a 73-70 OT loss to Auburn as a 9-point favorite). 2 Kansas Jayhawks vs. Iowa has a big size advantage, but unless Davidson goes stone cold, I don’t see the Hawkeyes being able to use that enough (at 2 points at a time) to keep up with the Wildcats.

Wunderdog: NC State is on a nice 6-2 SU run coming into the Big Dance. 16 North Florida/Robert Morris

What this guide contains:

ATS pick: Wichita State -6

Westgate line: NC State -1

PickCenter consensus pick: 64 percent picked NC State

Mark Few has had a lot of great players and teams at Gonzaga, but this may be his best. This team is 312th in the nation in assists and its top rebounder is 6-6 Sam Rowley. If you’re playing any other team and don’t want to parlay game to game (maybe you’re betting in Vegas and won’t be back after the opening weekend), bet the odds to win the regional (see below) instead of the odds to win the whole thing. Oftentimes, those “snubbed” teams go on to lose right away in the NIT and the “overseeded” teams live up to their billing, while “underseeded” teams put in disappointing showings. Sure, the Super Bowl may take a larger handle than any individual game, but the cumulative number of bets taken during March Madness dwarfs even the mighty beast known as the NFL playoffs.

Westgate line: Providence -TBD

PickCenter consensus pick:

Westgate line: Baylor -7

PickCenter consensus pick: 59 percent picked Baylor

No. 15 North Dakota St. 3 Oklahoma Sooners vs. 10 Georgia Bulldogs

Maddux Sports:

ATS pick: Belmont +16*

Least profitable tournament coaches since 2005

ATS pick: Gonzaga -16.5

Westgate line: San Diego St. However, we do have a Tier 2 match on Oklahoma State. 4 North Carolina Tar Heels vs. 4. UC Irvine has twin towers in 7-6 Mamadou Ndiaye and 7-2 Ioannis Dimakopoulos, but Louisville still has the matchup’s two best players in Terry Rozier and Montrezl Harrell despite all the players the Cardinals have lost. Lafayette did play at Villanova in last season’s opener and was tied with eight minutes to play before losing by 16 points (75-59). No. Kentucky

4. No. The higher the spreads go, the less convinced I am that the underdog will win outright, plus the more the books will shave off the true odds, so I won’t bet as much on the money line. 2 Arizona Wildcats vs. The Bulldogs obviously missed him on both ends of the floor, and it probably kept them from winning that game and finishing second in the league tourney to Kentucky. This is a long-winded way of saying that the committee put VCU in at a No. Coach Lon Kruger is outstanding, knowing how to get his team focused and prepared, and he’s very strong at in-game adjustments.

Westgate line: Wichita State -6

PickCenter consensus pick: 55 percent picked Wichita St. Oregon

Oklahoma minus-12 vs. Neither team will shy away from the transition game, but the opportunities will be limited, especially for Purdue as the Bearcats boast one of the best transition defenses I’ve seen this season. Below is a list of the best and worst coaches to bet on in the NCAA tourney this year and their corresponding ATS tourney records.

To be added after the Hampton/Manhattan “First Four” game on Tuesday in Dayton, Ohio.

The second is specific to this NCAA tournament, with such a huge favorite in Kentucky. It’s that lack of depth that has me looking to play against them in the next round, but not in this one.

Westgate line: West Virginia -4.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 52 percent picked West Virginia

Westgate line: Louisville -9

PickCenter consensus pick: 53 percent picked UC-Irvine

I think it’s important not to punish NMSU too much for its conference affiliation, as the program recruits well and has been on solid footing throughout the Marvin Menzies era. 2 offensive team in the nation. No. Arizona

3. But I don’t expect Arizona to rack up a ton of points and run up the score, either. Besides, a lot of people think the Hoyas are overseeded; in fact, the BPI had them as a No. 16 Lafayette Leopards

Westgate line: Arizona -21.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 58 percent picked Arizona

No. 4 Louisville Cardinals vs. 7 Michigan St. No.

Below are the ATS records for every NCAA tournament team this season, along with each team’s SU record and average margin of cover.

Wunderdog Sports:

ATS pick: Texas Southern +21.5*

ATS pick: Eastern Washington +7.5*

Teams I would consider: Iowa State at 9-2 to win the South and Baylor at 10-1 to win the West.

Fading the trendy underdog

Westgate line: Gonzaga -16.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 54 percent picked North Dakota St. With public support shifting, we theorized that there would be value fading these so-called “trendy underdogs.”

Lange: It’s the time of year when identifying the better defensive team in a short-lined game puts you in solid position to cash tickets. This is the best and most balanced Gonzaga team yet, playing in its backyard, so I can’t get on the NDSU bandwagon.

ATS pick: West Virginia -4.5

ATS pick: UCLA +2*

Westgate line: Xavier -TBD

PickCenter consensus pick: TBD

Tuley: As we’ve all seen over the years, when an underdog is live during March Madness, they often pull the outright upset instead of just covering. When facing a winning team this season, UCLA was 17-6 hitting the under. In nonconference play, a number of NMSU’s games were in the high 60s to low 70s, possession-wise.

Dave Tuley:

No. Northern Iowa

ATS pick: TBD

Tuley: I liked Iowa State last year and was bummed when the Cyclones ran into another hot team that I was in love with (UConn) in the Sweet 16. The Badgers come into the tourney fresh off a Big Ten title, winning every game by double digits. However, I’ve seen this before where a team sneaks into the tournament and vindicates the selection committee (most notably VCU in 2011). The Terps aren’t built to win by big margins, but this price appears cheap. They have a similar profile to the Mountaineers with poor outside shooting (31.9 percent 3-pointers) but the ability to hit the offensive boards (36.5 percent). WVU’s Juwan Staten (knee) and Gary Browne (ankle) are still nursing injuries, but expected to play. We’ve asked our experienced group of wiseguys, including Dave Tuley, Andrew Lange, Dave Solar, Geoff Kulesa of Wunderdog Sports and Sal Selvaggio what they’re looking at when handicapping the bracket and picking tourney games.

ATS pick: Iowa St. 15 New Mexico St Aggies

Wunderdog: Northeastern/Notre Dame: under 141

Wunderdog: You know what you’re going to get out of Oklahoma. 14 Albany Great Danes

To be added after the North Florida-Robert Morris “First Four” game on Wednesday in Dayton, Ohio.

Tuley: I have two things to say about betting futures.

No. A lot of NCAA underdogs have used a stellar defense to pull upsets or cover spreads against more athletic teams. 2 Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. On offense, they are strong in free throw shooting (76 percent), which is always a plus when games are close. I say they caught a break by facing super-soft Indiana and a likely date against a reeling Kansas squad in the second round. Coastal Carolina

Oklahoma St. 14 Northeastern Huskies

Westgate line: Notre Dame -12

PickCenter consensus pick: 60 percent picked Notre Dame

Westgate line: Oklahoma -12

PickCenter consensus pick: 56 percent picked Oklahoma

No. Purdue

Notre Dame minus-12 vs. 10 Indiana Hoosiers

Westgate line: Northern Iowa -7.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 60 percent picked Wyoming

This is a high total — the third highest on the board in the opening round.

As the spreads get higher, the points are more likely to come into play and I’ll bet a smaller percentage on the money line: Georgia plus-210 over Michigan State and Eastern Washington plus-280 over Georgetown. No. 13 UC Irvine Anteaters

Westgate line: Iowa -2

PickCenter consensus pick: 53 percent picked Davidson

Tuley: Well, this region is looking rather chalky so far, but I believe that ends here (though I do have some trepidation as Eastern Washington is becoming such a trendy pick). No. 1 Duke Blue Devils vs. 6 Butler Bulldogs vs. Offensive rebounding and garbage points are musts for Butler, because Texas is a fairly strong defensive team in the half court. No. This addition leads to a 12-2 ATS record with +9.45 units won and a 67.5 percent ROI.

ATS pick: Butler +1.5

Tuley: This game is a contrast in styles, as St. -1.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 65 percent picked San Diego St. No. Spartans vs. No. No. Not one I’m going to overthink here, as Butler is worth a play as an underdog, preferably at plus-2.

Tuley: This line has risen from 4.5 to 5.5 since wagering opened Sunday night, which isn’t too surprising as everyone knows how MSU coach Tom Izzo gets his teams to improve as the season progresses (and we all saw how the Spartans took Wisconsin to OT in the Big Ten title game). SMU held opponents to fewer than 60 points per game this season — ranked in the top 20 in the nation. 11 seed and pretty far removed from the bubble). However, it troubles me that this line is so short (years ago, this would be well into double digits) and I’m just afraid that in the end, Baylor will win out. They also have a tremendous amount of size, with a frontcourt that features players standing 7-3, 6-10, 6-9 and 6-8. 14 Georgia St Panthers

Wisconsin minus-18 vs. However, this puts Shaka Smart and his VCU program in the underdog role, where they’re more comfortable. The Tigers turned it over 17 times to Auburn’s attacking guards, and this is an equally tough backcourt matchup.

Tuley: Everyone loves picking No. underachiever (Texas). Texas Southern comes in with 11 straight wins and covered the first two games in the SWAC tourney before winning but failing to cover in the title game, though that was a weird case (their opponent, Southern, was put on probation so the Tigers were going to be going dancing regardless of the outcome). Mary’s, Baylor and Colorado State (average loss: 8.8 PPG). Belmont is probably most known for nearly beating No. 4 Georgetown Hoyas vs. The Zags just won the West Coast Conference by winning two games 79-61 and 91-75. -12

Westgate line: Ohio St. 12 Wyoming Cowboys

Tuley: A lot of people are picking this game as this year’s mega-upset (like Mercer over No. 9 Purdue Boilermakers

ATS pick: Northern Iowa -7.5

Wunderdog: Gonzaga (18-1 at Westgate, bet down to 15-1)

Westgate line: Kansas -11

PickCenter consensus pick: 60 percent picked Kansas

UCLA/SMU: under 134

ATS pick: Baylor -7

Westgate line: Cincy -1

PickCenter consensus pick: 61 percent picked Cincinnati

Championship title odds

Best title value bets

Westgate line: Michigan St. 6 SMU Mustangs vs. No. I’m not buying this one. 10 Ohio State Buckeyes

ATS pick: TBD

No. 10 Davidson Wildcats

Perhaps bettors consider all tournament participants to be upper-echelon teams and are content taking the points regardless of opponent. Georgetown

UCLA plus-2 vs. 1 Kentucky Wildcats vs. 7 Iowa Hawkeyes vs. The American has some weak teams, but I give the Bearcats small edges on both sides of the ball. -2

PickCenter consensus pick: 58 percent picked Ohio St. -12

PickCenter consensus pick: 54 percent picked Iowa St. 15 Texas Southern Tigers

No. Larry Krystkowiak is one of the best coaches in the game and will hold an advantage over most on the sidelines. As an underdog under Steve Alford, the Bruins are 17-7 hitting the under.

No. The Great Danes lost 64-60 to Providence and 75-59 to UNLV. The state of college basketball — slower, and lower scoring — makes it so “superior” teams aren’t always asked to cover big numbers. The same can be said for Purdue’s two 7-footers, Isaac Haas and A.J. 5 Arkansas Razorbacks vs. The Bulldogs have more than enough talent to hang with Duke and Kentucky.

ATS pick: Oklahoma -12*

Enjoy and good luck.

ATS picks for every game

No. 3 Iowa St. As much as I and most bettors despise Rick Barnes, it’s important to recognize that the Longhorns have the better personnel in this matchup. John’s will likely stick with its four-guard lineup and push the pace while San Diego State will try to slow it down and control the game with its huge front line — especially compared to SJU with just 6-foot-6 Sir’Dominic Pointer to match up with 6-10 Skylar Spencer, 6-8 Winston Shepard and 6-7 J.J. Anyway, the added rest should help Gaines and put Georgia as a live underdog.

During the regular season, a majority of public bettors take the underdog in just 17.65 percent of games; that figure reaches 23.82 percent for the NCAA tournament. Oregon leans too much on offense, as the Ducks were 10th in the Pac-12 in points allowed and ninth in rebounding defense this season. They’ve lost two games all year: an OT loss at Arizona and a 3-point loss to BYU, the No. While bettors overwhelmingly tend to take the favorite during the regular season, the NCAA tournament is a rare time when the public jumps all over the underdog.

Westgate line: Maryland -4

PickCenter consensus pick: 69 percent picked Maryland

The first would be that instead of betting the fixed-odd futures to win the title, bet the money line in the first game your team plays and roll over your winnings through all six games. Albany

NC State minus-1 vs. Georgia was on the bubble and secured its spot in the field by beating South Carolina in the SEC tournament, then sat second-leading scorer Kenny Gaines in the next game against Arkansas. Valparaiso

Tuley: Davidson has its best team since Stephen Curry led it to the Elite Eight in 2008, and this team might be even better overall. No. 9 LSU Tigers

No. No. 1 Wisconsin Badgers vs. Everyone is buying into the hype of the nation’s leading scorer, Tyler Harvey (22.9 PPG), and that the Eagles get to play in their home state while Georgetown has to travel all the way across the country from the “other” Washington.

Westgate line: North Carolina -8.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 68 percent picked North Carolina

Coaching is a huge part of any sport, but particularly in college basketball. It all looks so easy that I hope it’s not one of those things that are too good to be true.

Tuley: This isn’t like one of the Louisville teams we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in recent years, and they look fade-able, but it looks like the committee did the Cardinals a favor with this seeding and matchup. The Cowboys come in off a bad offensive game against Oklahoma, but they are 6-1-1 ATS after scoring fewer than 50 points in their previous game. No. 16 Hampton/Manhattan winner

ATS pick: Harvard +8.5*

1. Coastal Carolina

ATS pick: Georgia +4.5*

ATS pick: Notre Dame -12

Tuley: Here’s another 5-12 matchup, with the public looking to the underdog to pull an upset. We all know the Harvard kids are smart, but Crimson have also won opening-round games each of the past two years. A year ago at this time they played American in the opening game and won 75-35, allowing only 29 percent shooting.

The table below summarizes the results of our analysis.

No. This team is 18-7-1 ATS after a loss, and 23-9-1 ATS on neutral courts. 12 Stephen F.

Westgate line: SMU -2

PickCenter consensus pick: 67 percent picked SMU

Bettors can also use the public betting trends available on ESPN Chalk’s Live Odds page to track favorites receiving less than 50 percent of spread bets.

Westgate line: Wisconsin -18

PickCenter consensus pick: 65 percent picked Wisconsin

ATS pick: San Diego St. The Sooners are also on a 10-3 SU run, and are 23rd in the nation in rebounds. It took time, but Maryland’s offense looked improved the back half of the campaign. This is one of those instances, and it provides a very strong favorite laying a very reasonable price.. I don’t see any potential matchup where I’ll be fading them, starting with the opener, as UAB needed the home court to win the Conference USA tournament as the fourth seed to earn its dance ticket. 10 when a lot of people would argue those should be switched. 16 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

With more than 9.2 quintillion possible NCAA tournament brackets, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. No. minus-1 vs. 5 Utah Utes vs. When dealing with mid-major teams, I’m hesitant to put much stock into nonconference play as a vast majority of games against power conference foes are played on the road. Notre Dame

2. North Carolina

VCU plus-2 vs. The Cowboys lost their previous game against Oklahoma and opened as a 1-point favorite against Oregon. Indiana

Maryland minus-4 vs. 11 BYU/Ole Miss winner

UCLA averaged more than 80 points per game at home this season, but just 62.7 on the road — a difference of more than 18 points per game. Arkansas won 10 of its last 13 games, and two of those losses were to Kentucky. 9 St. Interesting side note in that for all the flack Barnes and the Longhorns have taken, they have an identical 17-13 ATS record as Butler. Wisconsin is tops in the Big Ten in points allowed, second in free throws, second in field goal shooting and rebound margin. But fear not: ESPN’s Chalk college basketball betting experts are here to help. No. No. MAC opponents), but struggled to keep opposing teams off the glass. 2 Duke in 2008, but this year’s team was 25th in the nation from the floor at 47.6 percent, and won its last seven games, including an upset of Murray State to steal the OVC’s automatic bid. Austin team in the first round, but the Utes play a very good brand of basketball that fits the tournament setting. No. No. 13 Eastern Washington Eagles

Westgate line: Iowa St. Iowa State


Cincinnati plus-1 vs. However, I think what gives Belmont a chance to at least cover is that Virginia’s leading scorer,  Justin Anderson, is coming back slowly from a broken finger and an appendectomy. Austin +6

The 10 teams, according to Kornegay, lead bookmaker at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, and his staff, that are the most popular teams to wager on as the tourney begins.

ATS pick: Maryland -4

o picks for every NCAA tourney game on Thursday and Friday

o ATS records for every tourney team

o the best 2015 NCAA title value bets 

o Vegas handicappers’ best ATS bets, upset picks and over/under bets

o the best system bets from David Solar of Sports Insights

o the best and worst coaches in the tourney to bet on

o the top 10 public teams according to Jay Kornegay of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook

Our theory posits that when an underdog pulls off an unlikely upset, square bettors have difficulty accepting the team’s new role as a favorite. 6 Xavier Musketeers vs. You’re going to run into situations in the tournament where hot shooting beats good defense, but in this instance, I want my money on the far more complete basketball team. The public has mostly bet against UCLA, as this line opened SMU minus-2 at several books and is up to 3.5 at most books and even 4 at a few as of late Monday night. Stephen F. At the time of publication, OSU was receiving just 24 percent of spread bets.

Tuley: I don’t expect Texas Southern to give Arizona too much of a scare as they’re overmatched talent-wise and don’t have a superstar or even a true big man. Iowa

Lafayette plus-23 vs. Big 12 opponents. The Bulldogs held a plus-7.3 rebounds-per-game edge in Big East play — 3.9 rebounds per game better than second-best Providence. Indiana is a smoke-and-mirrors team that beat up on the weak and shot its way to wins at home — not a recipe for postseason success. Austin is justifiably getting a lot of support as a live underdog, as it upset VCU last year in this round and a lot of people remember that and are looking for a repeat. I will have some on Harvard plus-525 over North Carolina and Belmont plus-1200 over Virginia, but I’ll probably pass on Texas Southern and Lafayette at plus-2500 apiece over Arizona and Villanova.

Jay Kornegay’s top public teams

By David Solar, SportsInsights.com

To be added after the Boise State-Dayton “First Four” game on Wednesday in Dayton, Ohio.

Westgate line: Texas -1.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 62 percent picked Texas

Tuley: UCLA’s inclusion by the selection committee was the most vilified decision on Selection Sunday (especially when the Bruins were given a No. No.

South | West | Midwest | East South Regional

No. Whatever the reason, our historical archive reveals a distinct change in public betting behavior.

ATS pick: Arkansas -6.5

No. Michigan State

9. But except for Lawrence Alexander, NDSU is far inferior to the team that nearly made the Sweet 16 last year, and frankly, it wouldn’t be in the field if it hadn’t won the Summit Conference tournament. If Harvard can dictate the pace, the experienced Crimson could pull another upset or at least keep this within the spread.

In last week’s conference tournament betting guide, we detailed a system that focuses on large underdogs in low-scoring games, and explained how public betting patterns change during the postseason. As a team, the Huskies shoot 52.9 percent from 2, 38.8 percent from 3 and 72.4 percent from the free throw line. Austin

Using Sport Insights’ Bet Labs software, we found that tournament favorites that receive less than 50 percent of spread bets have gone 86-65 ATS (+16.24 units won, 10.8 percent ROI) over the past 10 years. No. But I’m going contrarian here. Hammons. Villanova

Belmont plus-16 vs. For short-priced dogs, I might just bet only the money line with Davidson plus-120 over Iowa, VCU plus-145 over Ohio State or UCLA plus-150 over SMU, as I’m basically picking them because I believe they will win.

Utah would be the only tourney future I see to hold a little bit of value. 6 Providence Friars vs. The Badgers are 42-20-1 ATS in nonconference games and 20-8-1 ATS in their past 29 neutral-site games.

Westgate line: Duke -TBD

PickCenter consensus pick: TBD

Most profitable tournament coaches since 2005

To be added after the BYU-Mississippi “First Four” game on Tuesday in Dayton, Ohio.

Tuley: Every year, there are a few teams that get snubbed or a few teams that get overseeded or underseeded and cause heated discussions. Kansas

10. However, the one thing in Butler’s favor is its ability to win the battle on the boards. +1*

Midwest Regional

Westgate line: Georgetown -7.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 73 percent picked Eastern Washington

Lange: This is a classic case of overachiever (Butler) vs. Gonzaga 6-foot-10 freshman Domantas Sabonis (9.5 PPG, 7 RPG), 7-1 junior Przemek Karnowski (11 PPG) and 6-10 junior Kyle Wiltjer (16.7 PPG) anchor an NBA-like frontcourt, while senior guard Kevin Pangos (11.5 PPG, 5 APG) gets things moving. The Mountaineers’ success in the “first meetings” in Big 12 play (6-3 SU/ATS) suggests we look their way.

No. Utah can play with anybody sans Kentucky in this field.

Cincinnati plus-1 vs. If bettors are willing to take a 12-seed over a 5-seed straight up, it makes sense that they would also be willing to bet the 12-seed getting points.

No. ACC opponents). 13 Harvard Crimson

Selvaggio: Utah (75-1 at CG Technology; 60-1 at Westgate)

To summarize our handicappers’ best bets (lines are from the Westgate SuperBook as of Tuesday morning):

Wunderdog: Wisconsin got off to a great start this season and hasn’t slowed down. 8 Cincinnati Bearcats vs. -4.5

PickCenter consensus pick: 70 percent picked Michigan St. 5 (and for good reason), but I think the oddsmakers had this right when they opened Northern Iowa as a 7.5-point favorite. Wyoming made a nice run through the Mountain West Conference to steal a bid, but Northern Iowa has moved beyond that “Cinderella” category into a team that wouldn’t be a shock if it made the Sweet 16 (in fact, an argument could be made that the Panthers should be the No. They challenged themselves in nonleague play with games at Wichita State, Wyoming, St. 2 Virginia Cavaliers vs. No. In the end this is a very even matchup, but I think the Bearcats are still the play, even being bet to favoritism.

ATS pick: VCU +2*

Lange: Arguably the best attribute to have with a double-digit underdog in the NCAA tournament is high-caliber shooters, and on paper, Northeastern has just that. The oddsmakers certainly think so, as they made Ohio State the favorite despite the seedings. For all of Texas’ length and size, the Longhorns were a solid, but hardly impressive plus-3.9 rebounds per game vs. 8 Oregon Ducks vs. The team was 1-3 SU and 2-2 ATS in their absence. However, the Wildcats are only 2-3 ATS when laying 20 points or more, so this seems to be the tipping point. No. Villanova obviously has the talent edge, but it’s not a size mismatch like we usually see with 1-16 matchups. The Terrapins rely an awful lot on Dez Wells and Melo Trimble, and I would expect Valpo to play some zone. Albany got here by winning the America East, but didn’t step up in competition much. No. The Tigers have to be feeling the role of Cinderella, and I think they can stay within the huge number.

Tuley: Gonzaga is hardly even considered a mid-major anymore; instead, it’s the poster child for programs like North Dakota State, which upset Oklahoma last year in the Seattle subregional. No. Duke

7. Kansas is at its best in transition, and I would expect it to push the pace and pull New Mexico State along.

No. When this team was also an underdog in its previous game, the number of past matches is reduced dramatically, but we’re left with a 27-11 ATS record (+14.5 units, 38.2 percent ROI).

ATS pick: Lafayette +23*

Tuley: Villanova is for real, and hard to bet against at 24-9 ATS. Cyclones vs. All that stuff aside, we can only handicap the games in front of us, and while SMU is a solid team, I am convinced that if UCLA plays like it did against Arizona in the Pac-12 semifinals, the Bruins will be able to pull the upset here.

No. 4 Maryland Terrapins vs. North Carolina has every possible edge, but the Tar Heels don’t always show up, and they were just 14-13-1 ATS before finishing the season 5-2 ATS. 9 Oklahoma State Cowboys

ATS pick: Cincinnati -1

East Regional

Wunderdog: Defense is key in March and Oklahoma State has it, as the Cowboys finished fourth in the Big 12 in points allowed, and fifth in field goal shooting percentage allowed this season. Purdue

West Virginia minus-4.5 vs. This isn’t your typical Valpo team, as the Crusaders play at a plodding pace and win with defense (0.94 points per possession allowed). They also scored a favorable venue with Omaha and a short four-hour drive north from their campus.

More money hits the market during the NCAA tournament than any other time in the sports betting calendar. 6 seed instead of a No. Tyler Kalinoski was the Atlantic 10 Player of the Year, but he’s far from the lone gunman as Davidson averages more than 10 3-pointers made (hitting at better than 40 percent from long range) and more than 80 points per game. SEC Player of the Year Bobby Portis (yes, he won over all those Kentucky blue-chippers) and his teammates love to run, and I just don’t see Wofford keeping pace.

No. Ohio St. Wisconsin is 4-0-1 ATS in its past five NCAA tournament games. Some will say the Shockers are being punished for losing to Illinois State in the Missouri Valley semifinals. No. Another thing working for the underdog is that Lafayette coach Fran O’Hanlon is a Nova alumnus and there’s a chance the Wildcats won’t want to embarrass O’Hanlon by running up the score.

No. Oklahoma State has excellent balance with 6-7 senior Le’Bryan Nash (17 PPG, 5.4 RPG) and 6-8 senior Michael Cobbins up front, plus junior Phil Forte III (15 PGG). Statistically, the Bulls are fairly sound in the turnover department (15.2 percent vs. 12 Buffalo Bulls

Tuley: I’m conflicted on this game. (Note: I am considering playing Georgia State plus-4.5 in the first half, though that still seems a little short.

One reason for this phenomenon may be that bettors are used to taking upsets in their brackets, making them more likely to gravitate toward the underdog. If he’s not fully back in form (and he didn’t look like it in 26 scoreless minutes in the ACC tourney, including a miss on the possible game winner against North Carolina), that opens the door more for the Bruins.

No. Michigan St. No. Virginia

Georgia plus-4.5 vs. I don’t think Buffalo will be overwhelmed, as they held halftime leads on the road at Kentucky and Wisconsin, but West Virginia is an extremely hard team for which to prepare. If anyone asks if I think my dog has a chance to win outright, I’m going to say, “Of course!” On most of my plays, I’ll add a little something on the money line. 8 NC State Wolfpack vs. It’s a veteran team, too. 7 VCU Rams vs. It almost always yields a better payoff, plus it gives you the option along the way to pull out profits or to stop altogether if there’s a key injury or something.

Westgate line: Virginia -16

PickCenter consensus pick: 58 percent picked Belmont

Lange: First thing’s first: Can Buffalo hang on to the basketball and rebound on the defensive end? No team in the MAC comes close to resembling West Virginia’s chaotic ways. 12 Wofford Terriers

Best and worst coaches to bet on

Note: Picks marked with an asterisk (*) are best bets. Cincinnati chews up tons of clock trying to get the ball in the paint to Octavius Ellis. Wisconsin

6. Albany is on an 0-5 ATS run and will get stomped by the talented and well-coached Sooners.

ATS pick: Oklahoma St. LSU

No. Unfortunately, this system would also include teams that were an underdog during their last conference tournament game. 12 seeds against No.

Eastern Washington plus-7.5 vs. No. No. He will not get outcoached. 15 Belmont Bruins

Pick: over 131

No. O’Brien. No. -1.5

West Regional

No. However, I’m really high on Utah with its inside-outside tandem of guard Delon Wright and 7-foot center Jakob Poeltl, and this number looks a little short (again, because of the support for SFA as an ever-popular No

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Artificial intelligence: Key to ​Kentucky Derby betting?

Gun Runner

© 2016 CBS Interactive Inc. In a recent 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, more than half of Americans (53 percent) called society’s quest to advance the field of artificial intelligence “important.”

You probably didn’t consider basing your Kentucky Derby bets on artificial intelligence — but maybe you should have. Exaggerator

How does the system work? According to the company, the technology is built on a closed-loop system inspired by the insect swarm found in nature.

3. Twenty participants, convened by the company, first used the software to narrow the field of 20 horses down to four top picks. The idea is that “many minds are better than one,” therefore the act of pooling individual insights gives groups a better chance of reaching optimal decisions.. All Rights Reserved. Mohaymen

In a statement, Unanimous’ chief information officer David Baltaxe said the whole process took the company’s AI tool 20 minutes.

1. For comparison, none of the experts at Churchill Downs predicted the top four horses, let alone the top four horses in the correct order.

The artificial intelligence company Unanimous tested its new software platform, UNU, on last weekend’s Kentucky Derby, as reported by TechRepublic. Although several prominent industry leaders remain wary of artificial intelligence, and a recent high-profile experiment with it went awry, the technology could revolutionize everything from smartphones to automobiles.

“I placed my $1 bet on the race at the Derby on Saturday and made $542.10 — the odds of winning the superfecta [the top 4 finishers in order] were 540-1,” TechRepublic reporter Hope Reese wrote. Nyquist

2. The participants then used UNU to predict the winning order — and it turned out to be 100 percent correct.


Home Business :: Is sports betting a real second income opportunity?

Even though technology is great, we still can’t process that much information in a short time. And thats why most people will just have the odd $20 on a football game. Visit www.increaseyourpaydays/picks

Most people will look at sports betting, and think the same old thing: it’s good fun, but you can’t really make a living from it.

But there are guys out there who do this kind of thing for a living. So, from the comfort of your own computer, you can process tons of information and come up with stats that can give you almost full proof bets.

Sports betting online is now a huge business, couple that with our ability to process game stats with technology, and we have a winning sports betting system. The ways we use tecnology these days, makes collating statistics an easy thing to do.

Check out my FREE ebook, on who the top guys are in the sports betting systems market. But only if it’s done correctly. Now, I’m not saying you have to sit there at your computer and do all of the stat processing yourself. When you eliminate the random element, you start to look at the basic stats, and thats when you start to win, every time. . By this, I mean you have to take the fun out of it. You will have to pay money for the info they give, but once you’ve paid that off, you can see it’s worth it. Betting on sports can be an incredibly reliable source of cash. It wins because its had better training, a better jockey, or better racing conditions on that day. You really can make a good income from sports betting systems, and even if you aren’t seeing the benefits, they do offer money back guarantees, so you can’t lose. The fact is, a horse very rarely wins randomly. You can earn all this from home, sports betting on the web is still growing rapidly. Relying on chance is what makes us fill the bookmakers’ pockets.