Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

It is somewhat surprising that 5% think they will become millionaires while they are still in their 20s, but the idea isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Not to mention the fact that if you earn a reputation as a philanthropist, those positive thoughts may go a long way toward helping you build a network of influential, successful people who will support your endeavors.. But philanthropy offers much more than rewards at tax time; the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction you can get from being generous with your money and your time will go a long way toward giving you the confidence you’ll need to stick to your game plan for becoming a millionaire. The best laid plans and the most concrete strategies will always fail if you lose sight of the end goal or stray from your efforts. The best way to increase your accumulated wealth is to continually save and invest it. Risks should be strategically planned and calculated, so that if the risk doesn’t pay off and you lose money, you’ll be able to take the loss in stride and not be totally wiped out.

Even if you aren’t planning to be a millionaire, following these habits and making them a part of your daily life will help ensure that you will be financially stable and happy.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

One of the most important things to remember when aiming toward any goal is to not lose focus. However, for people who design a game plan to become wealthy, or even those who anticipate an inheritance far enough in advance to plan how to spend it, there are several useful strategies for slowly achieving the goal of becoming a millionaire.

Live Simply

Once you see your plan starting to take shape and your bank account or portfolio is looking pretty healthy, it’s essential that you avoid the mentality of spending money that you’ve earned. The wisest approach to making the most of your success is to live within your means, enjoy some special items, but don’t overdo it on material things, and focus on maintaining financial independence rather than spending your way back to middle-class status.

Take a Risk Now and Then

In order to grow a nest egg into a substantial chunk of money, sometimes you have to go out on a limb. Some even spend all their money in just a few weeks or months. Not surprisingly, nearly 60% of them expect to become millionaires at some point. The end result of your hard work will be worth the effort.

Don’t Be Greedy

Wealthy people are often humanitarians, if only for the tax breaks and deductions they get from giving. But taking a risk and being reckless are two different things. But the people who get loads of money in either of those ways are usually people who didn’t plan on being rich, and, therefore, aren’t good stewards of their money.

Do Whatever it Takes, Within Reason

Although it’s important not to stretch yourself too thin or set unrealistic timelines, it is essential that you persevere despite setbacks or roadblocks that might come your way. In fact, more than 90% of all lottery winners use up their haul within 10 years after winning it. If you have to work long hours, take extra schooling, sleep in your car, or buy your clothes at a thrift store, then do it. At the Ernst & Young International Intern Leadership Conference, event organizers conducted a study of college students who were in attendance to learn about their hopes and dreams for the future. The number of millionaires in the United States keeps growing each year.

Some people achieve their millionaire status without any effort-easy money they come by through inheritance or by winning the lottery or some other lucky windfall

First time in Las Vegas

All the architecture is a credit to the designers and the construction workers. It’s a good idea to begin by staying on the bus for the whole tour to see where all the places of interest are. If you are visiting in the summer then it will be intensely hot so sun tan lotion, headgear and sun glasses are essential.

Check-in is efficient and you will find your room has excellent facilities.

If you fly into the airport you will be in the centre of Las Vegas and in your hotel room in less than an hour.

If arriving by car, you will have driven through spectacular and sparse desert scenery. It is a whole world in one very small space and is a magnificent feat, a real juxtaposition and a huge draw for tourists who want to see the unusual. But just outside Las Vegas a car drive away, there is a real contrast, a sanctuary of peace and quiet and a magnificent landscape. You can load this card with cash as and when you wish. Everywhere you look there are huge buildings, vast noisy crowds and many vehicles that don’t seem to belong in the desert area, yet it doesn’t take long before you adapt to the size and vibrancy of the place.

Live shows must be on your itinerary, two at least, if you have the time. This is a hop on hop off facility which guides you around the sights of Las Vegas. But then, so does the Arc de Triomphe, the Statue of Liberty, the Sphinx, the Pyramids, Caesar’s Palace and the ‘canal’ in front of the Venetian Hotel. A treasure island story is enacted outside the Treasure Island Hotel. The American  waiters and waitresses will be very helpful. There’ll be so much to see indoors too.

You’ll find plenty of golf courses and golf package deals, too, but make sure you have enough hours in the day to do everything else!

There will be no problem with finding somewhere to shop. The contrast, as you drive into Las Vegas, couldn’t be more pronounced. You can get a map, make sure you are wearing comfortable footwear, and set off on your stroll. They are all around and hotels usually have their own. 


You can order free drinks that will be brought to you by showgirls and you are allowed to smoke, all to encourage you to stay gambling.

At first, you may think you’ve landed in the wrong country! The Eiffel Tower really does stand out as a prominent landmark. You will find all the famous brand names here and their famous prices but you may find some bargains too. 

So, the first rule is have the courage to walk away if you have won and, remember, you may have already lost the day before! The second rule is to remember your limit that you’ve already set!

There are so many hotels to choose it is easy for you to trawl the internet for ideas and costs to suit individual needs.


It is easily identifiable by its Eiffel Tower jutting above the horizon. Children will enjoy this spectacle.

All the World in One Place

Alternatively, it’s cheaper to walk. The outside patio eating area gives a superb view of the musical water show which is an ideal photographer’s opportunity. There are dozens of machines  and poker and baccarat tables and that distinctive casino sound of bells ringing will follow you . This takes place after dark and good use is made of lighting, flashes and bangs. In fact, the majority of tourists won’t be able to resist walking into one of these vast casinos. Alternatively, you can use dollar notes.

There is so much entertainment. Caesar’s Palace with its ornate statues transports you to Rome and has vast shopping malls as well as many places to eat. Continental or more substantial breakfasts can be provided. Then, as it gives unlimited rides over a set time period, you can stay on the bus until you choose the first place you’d like to visit. You can hop on and off as much as you wish until your ticket expires.

You can gamble on machines, roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat and keno [ a version of bingo].

Eating Out


There are various places to eat breakfast both in and around the hotel. Whatever your choice, there will be entertainment for everyone.

Open Top Sightseeing


Hotel Paris is centrally located and has all the facilities you may need, including its own theatre.

And, of course, Golf

There is a restaurant for all types of food and budgets, from eating at The Bellagio and watching its water show every fifteen minutes. You only have to ask!

Las Vegas Golf Guide

A Taste of Las VegasSee the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Venice and gondolas, Luxor and many other landmarks all in one place.


Casinos are synonymous with Las Vegas. The casino is the first area you walk through to arrive at reception. You will be hit by the air-conditioning in stark contrast to the temperature outside but very welcome.

If you decide to gamble make sure you take only the money you can afford to lose! You will be issued with a swipe card after you have shown your passport at the casino registration desk. Photographers will have a full-time job!

Las Vegas is a tourist’s dream if you want the brash and the spectacular, the quality and the variety. However, it’s an expensive place to eat because you are paying for the spectacular fountain display. But you can stand on The Strip and watch the water show as many times as you wish, and, it is free!. Bellagio Musical Fountain Display

Bellagio Water Display

Credit: Terrie Plowman

An open top red bus is an excellent way to get a real overview of a new city. These range from concerts by celebrity artists to live shows like Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four seasons, or a really daring spectacle of skill by the Cirque du Soleil Company. Hoover Dam and Zion Park are well worth visits whilst in this highly desirable tourist region.

Hotel Paris

If you become too hot from your stroll, every hotel and casino is air-conditioned so just dive into a nearby building

Fox Sports Live Hosts Hide In Plain Site For Super Bowl Commercial (VIDEO)

But nobody can say the folks over at Fox Sports Live are lacking in enthusiasm.

Fox Sports Live want you to know that they’re very excited about their hosts — so excited that they created a Super Bowl commercial to introduce them.

As co-host Jay Onrait explained at the conclusion of the spot: boomshakalaka.

As the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks battled for the right to lift the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl advertisers competed for another prize: your attention. Each time that FOX cut away from Super Bowl XLVIII to pay the bills, another group of blockbuster commercials and movie trailers was unveiled (although many had been teased or released in advance). Were people at your Super Bowl paying closer attention during the game or the commercial breaks?. CLICK HERE to see the rest of the 2014 Super Bowl commercials as well as all of the best, worst and most unforgettable from the past.

_Palaui_Island_Cagayan_Philippines.jpg” width=”336″ />

You’re welcome, America!

Of course, that doesn’t explain why Andy Roddick was disguised as a fern, or why Donovan McNab burst through a wall

Funny Random Quotes

Her heart.” – Melanie Griffith

“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ” – Louis Hector Berlioz

“Love your enemies. Why, you could wake up dead tomorrow! Well, good night.”

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” – Lily Tomlin

Funny Lines by Homer Simpson

“If God is so smart, how come he is dead!”

“Old people don’t need companionship. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers.” – Homer Simpson

“I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.” – A. Now I have a purpose, a reason to live. I don’t care who I have to face, I don’t care who I have to fight, I will not rest until this street gets a stop sign!”

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is said that people who laugh often, have a stronger immune system, are more energetic, and are less likely to suffer from depression. If you want me to eat them for you, give me no sign. The lesson is ‘never try’.”

“Don’t let Krusty’s death get you down, boy. I have a wife and kids. Eat them.”

“I’m going to the backseat of my car with the woman I love, and I won’t be back for TEN MINUTES.”

“Giving birth is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head.” – Carol Burnett

“You tried your best and you failed miserably. For the first time in my life, everything is absolutely perfect just the way it is. Thy will be done.” – Homer Simpson

“Unfortunately, son, we Simpsons sometimes have to bend the rules a little in order to hold our own.”

“In life, it’s not who you know that’s important, it’s how your wife found out.” – Joey Adams

“I’m not normally a religious man, but if you’re up there, save me, Superman!”

“Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. In gratitude, I present you this offering of cookies and milk. I can get by with one!”

“Dear Lord: The gods have been good to me. If that is OK, please give me absolutely no sign. Not only does laughter trigger healthy changes in the body, it binds people together and increases happiness and joy.

Funny Random Sayings

“On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the Escape key.” – Unknown

“The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.” – Bill Watterson

“There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. People die all the time, just like that. If I went to a barbecue and there was no meat, I would say ‘Yo Goober! Where’s the meat!?’ I’m trying to impress people here Lisa. If I’m not there, I go to work.” – Robert Orben

“When on the ladder of success, don’t let boys look up your dress!”

- Unknown

“Children really brighten up a household. Let’s go!” – Maya Angelou

“Don’t eat me. One to lie and one to listen.”

“Women: Can’t live with them, can’t bury them in the backyard without the neighbors seeing.” – Sean Williamson

“What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? ‘Hold my purse.” – Unknown

“Kill myself? Killing myself is the last thing I’d ever do. So here’s the deal – You freeze everything the way it is, and I won’t ask for anything more. I’ll make the money back by selling one of my livers. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he’ll have to touch it to be sure.” – Murphy’s Law

When a person is humorous and witty, he instantly becomes everyone’s favorite. Whitney Brown

“Marge, it takes two to lie. They never turn the lights off.” – Ralph Bus

“All normal people love meat. OK, deal. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles Schulz

“A good sermon should be like a woman’s skirt: short enough to rouse the interest, but long enough to cover the essentials.” – Ronald Knox

“Always remember that true beauty comes from within – from within bottles, jars, compacts, and tubes.” – Peter’s Almanac

“All right, let’s not panic. “I think the saddest day of my life was when I realized I could beat my Dad at most things, and Bart experienced that at the age of four.”

“A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well-known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.” – Fred Allen

“Ha ha! Look at this country! ? U R Gay!? Ha ha!” (looking at Uruguay on the globe).

“Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, I am with you kid. You don’t win friends with a salad.”

“I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colors before he invented the light bulb.”. East

“If you can’t see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.” – Unknown

“Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. They need to be isolated and studied so that it can be determined what nutrients they have that could be extracted for our personal use.”

“Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you. It makes them so damned mad.” – P.D

Name Of Singapore Company Builders In India Special Economic Zone?



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Cheap Gaming Keyboards

Still, you don’t always need to spend $100 or more to buy a good gamer keyboard.

Gaming keyboards usually cost more than regular ones because they include features like anti-ghosting, programmable buttons, game profiles, and so on. This can be a problem in certain video games, and is fixed by a feature marketed as “anti-ghosting”. Cheap $10 – $20 keyboards usually only offer 2KRO, meaning they can’t recognize more than two simultaneous key presses at once. It should be noted that inexpensive products often only offer anti-ghosting for the WASD key cluster, but that’s usually enough for most people.

. Every product listed below has this feature in some form or another. By giving up unnecessary features and going for a less-known manufacturer, you can get gear that will serve you just as well.

The list below should help you find an affordable peripheral that will nevertheless be better for playing video games than a regular one

FOXNews.com – Providence picks Drake’s Keno Davis to replace Tim Welsh

“I want somebody that says, ‘Hey, we can get the job done.’”

“They tried to do everything in their power to keep me there,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be the first choice, it just has to be the right one _ so I’m looking forward to proving them right.”

Davis replaces Tim Welsh, who was fired last month after taking Providence to two NCAA tournaments in 10 seasons and finishing with losing records in three of the last four seasons.

FOXNews.com – Providence picks Drake’s Keno Davis to replace Tim Welsh – College Sports

Providence athletic director Bob Driscoll said the school had looked for a coach who had been successful in the past, someone who was the right “cultural fit” for the program. They entered the NCAA tournament as a No. This season, Keno Davis’ first as a head coach, he took Drake to its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1971, and led the Bulldogs to a 28-5 record and their first national ranking in 33 years.

Davis succeeded his father, Tom Davis, as Drake coach in March 2007. 8 Butler a month later.

Davis said he has no problems with not being the first choice.

By ERIC TUCKER, Associated Press Writer

“I don’t want any more excuses,” Driscoll said. and someone who believed the Friars could win in the Big East conference.

Davis, 36, was lured from Drake two weeks after being selected as The Associated Press national coach of the year. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

“When you look around the country and you look at some of the unbelievably successful coaches, that doesn’t mean they were the first choice when they were hired,” Davis said. “That’s financially, that’s conversations, that’s the pep talks.”

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Davis inherits a Providence team that returns its key nucleus of starters, including leading scorer Jeff Xavier, but that has struggled to stay competitive in the Big East. The team was picked in a preseason poll to finish ninth in the Missouri Valley Conference. I’m not going to put a number out there that we have to live up to or live down to depending on how successful we are.”

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. Tom Davis won it in 1987 as coach of Iowa.

“I just told them I was happy to be here _ introduced myself to each one of them and told them what I was kind of going to expect,” he said. This season, his first as a head coach, he took Drake to its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1971, and led the Bulldogs to a 28-5 record and their first national ranking in 33 years.

The hiring ends a frustrating and protracted coaching search for Providence during which George Mason’s Jim Larranaga and Massachusetts’ Travis Ford turned down offers from the Friars.. That’s the kind of effort that we want to have the pride of playing with and see if it’s good enough to win some ballgames.”

Davis said it was a hard decision for him to leave Drake.

Providence did not release terms of the contract.

He spoke briefly with his new team before being introduced to the public.

“That’s all I can ask _ is our players’ best effort,” Davis told reporters after a news conference introducing him as coach. Instead, Drake opened with a 22-1 record, cracked the national rankings in January and then knocked off then-No. “That’s not necessarily the wins and losses. The Friars went 6-12 in the conference and 15-16 overall this season, playing all but one game without injured starting point guard Sharaud Curry.

The Bulldogs won their first MVC regular season title since 1971 and their first-ever conference tournament title.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects Drake’s opening record to 22-1, sted 16-1; SUBS lede to conform with national version; ADDS age; ADDS that Providence did not release terms of deal.)

Davis and his father became the first father and son to win the national coach of the year award. 5 seed in the West Regional, but were upset in overtime by Western Kentucky, 101-99.


Keno Davis can’t guarantee he’ll have the same success in his first season at Providence as he had this year at Drake, where his team won 28 games, was ranked in the Top 25 and earned a NCAA tournament bid.

But Davis, hired Tuesday as Providence’s new head coach, promised that the Friars won’t be outworked on the court.

Davis, the son of former longtime Iowa coach Tom Davis, was lured from Drake two weeks after being selected as The Associated Press national coach of the year. “How many wins that means, I don’t know

Professional Tipster Betting Tips The best way to bet on sports and make money

By locating the latest betting tips they can usually limit their risk a little and possibly find a betting tip they can use to help them invest and make a little money. You’ll also decide you need to return to us whenever you need a betting tip to help you.

. Thousands of sports betters that make a very good living off of betting on sports and the big sports games occurring around the world each day of the year. You can also sign up to receive all of the benefits offered on the website for sports betters to use to make money betting on sports. By making this decision you could be looking back in a few years’ time and wondering why no one told you about making money betting on sports before. You can also usually sign up for other benefits designed to help online sports betters. Could be a great way to change your lifestyle and start living the good life you have heard about. If you have been watching sports on television, or in person for years, and think you have some inside knowledge you can use to successfully bet on sports and make money? Deciding at this time in your life to start investing your hard earned money on betting on the big sports games each week. They can also find sources of betting information they can use consistently to help them decide which games they want to bet on. Here you can talk to a professional Tipster about the newest betting tips and all of the big games occurring this week. Sports lovers deciding to start betting on their favourite sport or team these days generally try to find the latest information concerning their sports team and upcoming games. If you want to find the best betting tips to help you in your desire to make a little money betting on your favourite sports team? These websites have everything you need to accomplish your goal in less time than you think possible and are always ready to help.

Have you been watching sports live or on television for decades and think you know a little bit about your favourite sport and sports team? Would you like to use your years of watching sports to maybe do a little online sports better and make a little money? Thousands of successful sports betters have made this decision during the past few decades. You could also find you have more money to travel to distant lands and do all of the fun and entertaining things you love to do during the years ahead.

One of the most popular online sports betting websites offering the latest betting tips designed to help sports lovers make a little money is Onlinesportsinvestor.com. If you want to successfully bet on sports games and possibly make a return on your investment

Where is the best place to look for the betting tips you need to successfully bet on sports games occurring around the world and make a nice return? Thousands of sports better each day use the World Wide Web to locate the new betting tips they need to successfully bet. At these website you can talk to a professional Tipster about the latest betting tips being passed around. By making this decision you could find yourself driving down the road next year in the new sports car you have always wanted. If you want to start investing in your knowledge, experience and years of sports watching on television and in person? You need to drop by Onlinesportsinvestor.com right now to talk to a professional Tipster about the betting tips you need

Runescape 2007 OldScape Woodcutting Leveling up Guide and Tips 1-99

These are bringing in good money right now, and will continue to bring in good money for all the fletchers that are out there. Now that you have made it to 50 lets talk trees.. This will give you the most money for you buck and help you make the most money for your effort.


So overall pace yourself for the long haul if your going for 99. I suggest staying at oaks until level 40, or until you can use a mithril hatchet before moving to willows. If you come back later and get feathers you will make decent profit, and will be able to flip them fairly easily.

Move to magic at your own time, but I personally would move right to magic at 75. This is a popular spot, and the best spot for maples. The yews I personally save for my own fletching, but you can also sell them very easily on the forums or on a trading world.

Personally I suggest staying at Willows until about 55, BUT if you want to make the move to Maples then take your path to Seers village. I suggest you do trees until you hit level 20. Try to use the best axe you can, and don’t go to the willows at 30, and maples at 45 and so on.. This is the easiest way, and there are usually no high level woodcutters here to steal your place and your trees. This location has been extremely busy, and a lot of players are here. Once you hit around 20 I would suggest moving on to oaks.

Once you hit level 20 or higher and you move to oaks I suggest using a steel ace. while you will have a low success rate, and will take a while to get your logs, your best chance of money making comes from magic logs, so I highly suggest moving to these as quickly as possible. This is an extremely popular woodcutting spot, and will get you high enough until you can go after yews. I also suggest using the oak trees right outside of Varrock West bank. Wait until you pass it a couple levels, and while the reward might be a little better, overall you will have better success, and the levels will go by quicker.

Above level 50

Once you hit level 50 you are from from halfway to 99 xp wise, but level wise you are half way there. So congrats so far. In this area you will be able to cut the logs, and store them in the bank nearby, or fletch them and store the pieces in the bank. Maples are 100 XP each, and will yield a decent profit, and will also boost your fletching if that’s what your looking for. I suggest spending a lot of time here until you want to move to yews, but I suggest doing maples from 55-65 as this will allows you the experience and money that comes from maples, but will not send you to yews right away and will build you skill up.

When you are going to move to willows I highly suggest using the best axe that you can. Also remember if you are trying to knock two birds out with 1 stone then mix the woodcutting with either fletching or firemaking to save yourself time and effort.

When you are going to move to Yews I suggest waiting until level 65 as said above, and then I would go right for yews. The willow trees I have seen are highly competitive and you will have more success and luck at oaks.

With that being said willows will provide more money so once you do move to willows I suggest either finding somewhere that is not competitive, or try using Draynor Village. So I recommend staying on oaks as long as possible.

Early levels

So obviously early levels you will need to do trees. Go into the woods away from people with a knife, and every log cut these into arrow shafts. This will be more effective on these trees and gives you a higher success rate. While you are woodcutting the trees I would suggest using a bronze axe as this is really all you need to cut these trees, and will be effective until level 20 ish. I would highly suggest doing this until you can do magics, and then once again moving right along. While they will yield more money, I think that the oaks chop faster, and will give you much more success overall. I would also wait until 35+ before moving to willows

Age Appropriate Crafts For Disabled Adults

Crafters can find some beads, such as wooden beads, that are large and easy to handle but still beautiful enough to make a necklace for an adult.

After finding the right tools, crafters can then jump into the large selection of coloring books and coloring pages geared for adults. But few adults would proudly wear a finished necklace made of cheap plastic or pony beads.

Scrapbook supplies, beads and coloring pagesToo often, adults with mental disabilities are treated as perpetual children. There are clubs, classes, magazines, and even videos to help anyone who wants to learn more about how to preserve memories this way.. In addition to being an artistic expression, beading can enhance motor and mechanical skills. Then, they can finish off the book with pictures, receipts, or other memento of their time on the trip.

For those looking for coloring books, Dover Publications has a wide selection of coloring books for all ages, with a wide variety of subjects, including history, animals, artistic designs, and cultures. Craft supply stores and even discount stores like Wal-Mart carry high-end art supplies such as watercolor pencils, oil pastel crayons, and other items.

Beads can be made from all types of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or clay. At the heart of most scrapbooks is a subject in which the person is most interested in. Without thinking, caretakers give these adults craft supplies and projects that more appropriate for young children. There are many websites with free, printable pages that can bring out the creativity of any adult. This can also be an opportunity to teach someone about photography and have them try their hand at taking pictures. Almost any subject can be turned into a book.

Scrapbooks create the opportunity to learn more about that subject. Stringing beads to make necklaces and bracelets is a good way to relax as well as make something to wear and show to others. There are crafts and hobbies that any adult can enjoy, and by giving disabled adults options, they can connect better with others who share the same pastimes. A good start to finding these is to type terms such as coloring mandalas or advanced coloring pages into any search engine.

But not only is a scrapbook a way to keep photos and mementos, it’s a way for those with disabilities to learn skills and explore their creativity. These books can be found at their website, at other online retailers, or even craft and hobby stores.

Scrapbooking as a Learning Tool

Few hobbies for adults have caught on like the wildfire that is scrapbooking. Ideas range from family to pets to travel experiences. For example, if someone wants to learn more about a place they want to travel to, he or she can begin the scrapbook with pictures and magazine articles or brochures about that place, continue with pages that show how they are planning for their trip, such as lists of items to pack or a budget for souvenirs. Many of these types of beads can be found in packages that are inexpensive, and can be mixed to create beautiful crafts or pieces of jewelry. Even if the crafter cannot take photographs, he or she can still use pictures from magazines, or use those they have drawn or colored.

Beading and Making Jewelry

Many adults with disabilities find enjoyment in beading. Some craft supplies for adults and professionals may seem more expensive than their child-appropriate counterparts, but caretakers should view supplies in terms of quality, and better supplies can sometimes unleash a person’s creativity.

Resources for Adults Who Like to Color

Children’s crayons and chalk can be put away in favor of colored pencils, markers, pens, paints, or even professional quality crayons